Africa Centre for Business Excellence.

The Africa Centre for Business Excellence

ISCM Foundation utilises the methods and tools from the ISCM research organisation and delivers through its Africa Centre for Business Excellence.  It comprises an executive programme office for coordination and control, a simulation centre to manage risks and inform the strategies and plans and the focus on education activities to build local capability and capacity.

The Executive Programme Office

Provides strategic and operations planning services for business case development – financial planning, transformation planning, portfolio, program and project planning.

The Executive Program Office is responsible for all aspects of business life-cycle management of their assigned programs. The Executive Program Office reports to its investor community for planning and execution. This includes:

  • Managing investment projects from “cradle to grave” responsibility including research, development, acquisition, systemic integration, construction and business support.
  • Engaging stakeholders and maintaining alignment of interest groups with overall investment intent.
  • Establish and maintain governance, audits and reporting.
  • Manage the target operating model realization with its benefits.

Simulation Centre

We provide our students, governments and industries with a state-of-the-art business planning and project-monitoring centre. Through simulations we clarify the risks and optimize the path to results. This translates into getting a grip on time and money. It also translates into identification of undesired consequences.

The Simulation Centre will provide government and industry capacity to reflect on their strategic decision-making for complex initiatives – prior to and during investment, and experience the benefits of combining research and transformation planning for strategic decision-making. The outcome of this process is a well-informed Strategic Plan or Strategic Scenario Plan with Preview capabilities for the envisaged strategic initiatives. Irrespective of the outcome, the gathered information is critical to the development of a complex program/transformational plan.


To customize an African paradigm, a new understanding of education, and a new mind set for the learning process will be needed. Especially:

  • To have young generations learn how to use education for their own benefits;
  • To educate the future generation of capable self-sustaining entrepreneurs;
  • To change the perspective about education and shift it from theoretical education to practical learning, which will result in the creation of job opportunities in Africa;
  • To provide support to young entrepreneurs.