For entrepreneurs. Participate in the socio-economic development of African communities

Supporting entrepreneurs and their initiatives

ISCM Foundation prepares investor packs to provide investor confidence, modelling the impacts and benefits to all.

Call for action

ISCM Foundation supports the entrepreneurial mind-set needed to generate prosperity in Africa.

In close cooperation with Africa Forum, the Forum for Former African Heads of State and Government, we support local entrepreneurship and facilitate the attainment of skills and knowledge required to actively participate in the socio-economic development of African communities.

ISCM Foundation is equipped to provide the necessary impartiality, controls and tools to produce investor packs that offer attractive returns whilst benefiting societal welfare. ISCM’s impartial and credible mathematical economic modelling services contribute to the enhancement of investor confidence.

The principles of transparency and good corporate governance are applied in all our dealings and all information regarding its initiatives is treated with the necessary confidentiality.

Please contact us to discuss your initiatives and how ISCM Foundation can support you.