For Investors and Sponsors. Sponsor the entrepreneurs of Africa and share in the financial benefits

For Investors and Sponsors

Investor or donor support is looked at and considered as the ISCM Foundation works on selected development projects in Africa.  These opportunities can be assessed and validated through ISCM Foundation’s robust scenario modelling methods, developing systemic solutions that will provide excellent financial returns for investors as well as positive impact on social welfare for communities and a livelihood for young entrepreneurs.

Call for action

The new entrepreneurs of Africa need your support to drive their business opportunities to fruition.

ISCM Foundation acts as an early warning system for investment risks and informs investors on the viability of investment decisions.

For each new initiative ISCM Foundation facilitates the setup of an Executive Programme Office.  This will ensure good governance, planning support and the monitoring of the investment project.

To ensure continuity ISCM Foundation will assist in securing funding for education.

Through our state-of-the-art Simulation Centre, scenarios are simulated to reflect cross impacts and outcomes of all anticipated scenarios. Through this proactive approach to complex projects, ISCM Foundation provides delivery assurance.

The principles of transparency and good corporate governance are applied in all our dealings and all information regarding its initiatives is treated with the necessary confidentiality.

Please contact us for more information on current and future initiatives.