About ISCM Foundation.

About ISCM Foundation

ISCM Foundation is a charity organization, dedicated to development in Africa. It combines a mix of finance, project assurance and education for projects that will result in sustainability, not only for the project itself but also for the country and communities where it operates.

ISCM Foundation was established in 2012 in cooperation with the Africa Forum (Forum for Former African Heads of State and Government) to provide a business platform for investment initiatives in Africa.

The Foundation was registered for the purpose of receiving and maintaining endowments, and applying the income to promote the well-being of African societies and work towards prosperity for the African continent. ISCM Foundation achieves this by organising educational and advisory services for improving business and government leadership excellence.

ISCM Foundation subscribes to the vision and objectives of the Africa Forum — a “path to sustainable development, to halt the economic and political marginalisation of Africa and to enhance the continent’s full and beneficial integration into the global economy”.

ISCM Foundation facilitates new initiatives through its Africa Centre for Business Excellence: an executive programme office for planning, monitoring and governing investment portfolios, simulation centre services to assess, validate and confirm plans and educational services to build local capabilities. Industry-based guest advisors are appointed on a project basis to contribute to programme success.

The Foundation was trusted with substantial assets and financial capabilities for funding support of projects in Africa.  The wholly dedicated fundraising organisation ISCM Investments is fully audited by CPA Partnership in Singapore and invited PWC for project audits. The quality of our modelling work is audited by the Academy of Sciences, Institute for Mathematics in Budapest, Hungary. Finances are audited by CPA in Singapore. Project support services are delivered through its Think Tank and delivery organization, ISCM strategy delivery unit and its partners.