ISCM Foundation is an initiative of ISCM and Africa Forum. Since it was established in 2012,  its focus has been on supporting the Africa Forum growth strategy.

The Institute for Strategy and Complexity Management (ISCM) was established in 2003 by seasoned executives from the financial industry. With support from the South African Absa Barclays bank the first release of a software application (forerunner of the Impact Analyzer) was developed to measure and reflect on the rationale for business performance and the mind-set drivers.

In 2005 the organisation was registered in Singapore as a research based organisation focused on strategic scenario planning providing educational and advisory services to executives facing complex challenges. PKF Singapore was appointed auditor.

In the following three years ISCM conducted numerous Executive Dialogue sessions and assignments for corporates in the Middle East, such as Emirate Airlines, Arabic United Emirates Government, Qatar Government departments of Water and Electricity, Oman Bank, Dubai Traffic department, etc.

Learnings from the Executive Dialogue Sessions provided valuable input into the development of the ViewPoint Model (VPM) – a stakeholder based method for building   simulations with its proposition: helping you make decisions. The methodology helps to reflect on the effects of the driving forces causing different course of events, away from the original plan using behavioural computer simulations. In 2007 ISCM was recognised for its research with the Global Strategic Leadership Excellence Award.

Funding support allowed for the further development of the Impact Analyzer to become a mature tool for strategic scenario planning.  The tool became the first collaborative web based tool for building simulations. In 2007 to 2008 KPMG deployed the method and tooling to asses and validate re-start plans for complex government departments in The Netherlands and in Australia. The independent research Common Wealth Task Force, International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM), commended the VPM and its  Impact Analyzer (method and software) as “Possibly the most sophisticated assessment tool on offer is the Viewpoint Model (VPM) from the Institute for Strategy & Complexity Management (ISCM)” —  Michael Cavanah, Project-Complexity-Assessment

In 2012 ISCM Foundation, hosted by the Seychelles government, was established to support the mission of Africa Forum to create a platform for African entrepreneurs in 54 countries:

  1. Executive programme office – planning, governing  and monitoring investment projects
  2. Business school – practice / project directed education
  3. Simulation centre – assessing, validating and confirming planning and execution

ISCM Foundation was trusted with assets to the value of €1,7Bn for funding support of projects in Africa, audited by PKF and BDO Accountants as well as PWC (project audits).